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Blueberry Dragon
Blueberry Dragon


Health Points

80 (FullHeart × 40)

Attack Strength



See the Second Paragraph

Common Drops


A Dragon is passive in nature, it can be spawned through hatching a Mysterious Egg, which can be found in the loot chest at the end of the Jelly dungeon. They have 80 health points and make no noises besides the sound of footsteps.

They hatch out of a light blue Mysterious Egg as a Blueberry dragon.

2015-02-21 20.48

A visual on how to hatch a Mysterious Egg.

The mysterious egg can be hatched by placing the egg in the center of a 5 by 5 square made of Golden Sugar Flowers with one block of air in between the flowers and the egg. (Golden Sugar Flowers can be found in the Ice Cream Plains and Sugar Enchanted Forests.) The egg will take a little while to hatch, so just be patient!

The blueberry dragon is 5 blocks high and 3 blocks wide, and a saddle cannot be equipped to it.

Behavior[ | ]

  • The dragon stays completely still when not flying. This is similar to commanding a tamed wolf to sit, they will stay in one spot and will turn around to look at you or it's surroundings.
  • When you press "P" you can use it's power! The dragon shoots out fire when that key is pressed, although this uses up its energy.
  • If you use up your dragon's energy while flying, the dragon will fall quickly towards the ground, and may take fall damage.

Drops[ | ]

The Blueberry Dragon drops nothing when killed, not even experience.