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Welcome to the CandyCraft Mod Wiki
Welcome to the CandyCraft Mod Wiki
Welcome to the official CandyCraft Mod Wiki, a publicly accessible and editable wiki for information related to the CandyCraft mod for Minecraft. The wiki and its 1,447 pages and 450 files are managed and maintained by 34,938,319 active contributors from the CandyCraft community, along with the wiki's administration.
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About CandyCraft Mod

The CandyCraft mod is a mod created by Valentin4311, which also helps develop the CandyCraft wiki. This mod adds a whole new adventure to obtain in a brand new dimension made entirely out of candy! With many Blocks, Items, Mobs, Biomes, and more, this will be a fun and great addition to the Minecraft world with tons to explore. This mod is still in development.

Eat some Candied Cherry with Waffles while your legs sink in creamy Pudding
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