• Please do not use excessive CAPITAL LETTERS on this wiki.
  • Cursing is not allowed.
  • Making irrelevant comments and posts on others messages walls are not allowed.
  • Making threads on the wrong forum board (on purpose) counts as spam.
  • Spamming and trolling will NOT be allowed here.
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated. This could be from adding useless categories, to adding irrelevant pages, and adding nonsense to pages.
  • Harassing other users is not allowed.
  • Please edit with proper grammar and neutrality. This means not writing about "_ is better than _", or "_ is the best"!
  • Please do not edit other users userpages without permission.
  • NSFW content is prohibited anywhere on this wiki.
  • These same rules apply to chat, too.




First Offense: Kick

Second Offense: Banned from chat for 2 weeks

Third Offense: Banned from chat Indefinitely

CandyCraft Wiki Wide

First Offense: 3 days or 1 month (if extreme)

Second Offence: 2 weeks or 2 months

Third Offence: Infinite

Breaking ToU

First Offence: 1 month

Second Offence: Infinite and a report to Wikia Staff

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