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The CandyLands is a jolly, cheerful place filled with all sorts of candy-related blocks and items. The CandyLands generation is similar to the Vanilla Minecraft's Overworld but with different blocks and items found around such as Pudding as Grass, Flour as Dirt, Marshmallow Logs as Oak Wood Log, and more. Like all dimensions, the CandyLands can generate infinitely.

Generation[ | ]

As with all other dimensions in the game, the CandyLands can generate infinitely. However, there are some limitations, as detailed below.

The CandyLands encompasses the height limit (y=256), down to the Void (y=0), and extends for millions of blocks in every direction on the horizontal plane. Technically speaking, the CandyLands is generated through a process which creates multiple noise maps to create differing elevations, general chunk shapes, and complex moun

Chunks[ | ]

Main article: Mcw:Chunk

Chunks are the method used by the world generator to divide maps into manageable pieces. Chunks measure 16 blocks wide, 16 blocks long, and 256 blocks high, for a total volume of 65,536 blocks. Chunks are generated around players when they first enter the world, and as they wander around the world, new chunks are generated as needed. By adjusting the render distance, the player can adjust the number of chunks that will be loaded into memory, ranging from 25 chunks up to 1089.

Only chunks within the set range may have activity (mobs spawning, trees growing, water flowing, dropped items disappearing etc.), while chunks outside of this range are inactive, and are stored on the disk; this type of management is required so that players' computers do not need to track hundreds or thousands of blocks and entities at once. Note that this does not apply to spawn chunks, which will always experience activity regardless of how far away the player travels.

Visual cutoff point of a Minecraft map (Left is normal Minecraft generation, the right is after limitation.)

Limitations[ | ]

While the CandyLands are essentially infinite, the number of blocks the player may physically walk on is limited. The map contains a world border at +/- 29,999,984 X/Z. The world border is an animated wall of blue stripes; as you approach, the edges of the screen will tint red for several seconds. Most entities are unable to pass the border, except through teleporting. Players who breach the border will receive constant damage, unless they are in Creative mode.

Blocks[ | ]

Icon Block Name
Pudding Pudding
Flour Flour
Marshmallow Log Marshmallow Log
Candy Leaves Candy Leaves
Trampojelly Trampojelly
Red trampojelly Red Trampojelly
File:Display Water.png Water
Jelly shock absorber Jelly Shock Absorber
Honeycomb block Honeycomb Block
Honey Ore Honey Ore
Licorice Ore Licorice Ore
Nougat Ore Nougat Ore
Raspberry Chain Raspberry Chain
Acid Mint Flower Acid Mint Flower
Candy Sapling Candy Sapling
Sweet Grass Sweet Grass
Fraise Tagada Flower Fraise Tagada Flower
Marshmallow Flower Marshmallow Flower
Chocolate Stone Chocolate Stone
Mint Mint
Marshmallow slice Marshmallow Slice

Mining[ | ]

Mining is done to extract ore and other materials from below the surface of the map. These ores include Honey Ore, Licorice Ore, Jelly Ore, PEZ Ore, and Nougat Ore. These are crucial in making several useful items. Mining can involve digging a hole from the surface or going down through a cave. When mining in the CandyLands, one must be very careful and must be prepared and well-equipped as one will encounter many Cookie Creepers, Suguards, Cotton Candy Spiders, and many more dreadful hostilities.