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Health Points

15 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartHalf-Heart)

Attack Strength

Easy: 2 (FullHeart) Normal: 2 (Poisoned FullHeart)
Hard: 3 (Poisoned FullHeartPoisoned Half-Heart)
1 (Poisoned Half-Heart) per 1.25 sec
Hard: Poison for 7 sec (Poisoned FullHeartPoisoned FullHeart)
Normal: Poison for 3 sec (Poisoned FullHeart)


Light level of 7 or less.
Spawn at a high rate in a Sugar Enchanted Forest biome

Common Drops

link = Honey Shard Honey Shard (1-3)

Carabee is a mob that looks like a bee and can only be found in the CandyLands. The name "Carabee" is a mix between the words "Caramel" and "Bee".

Spawning[ | ]

Carabees can spawn almost anywhere in the CandyLands at a light level of 7 or less and are hostile at all times.

Carabees have a 1% chance spawn with a Suguard riding them, creating a Carabee Suggy.

Carabees spawn at a high rate in the rare Sugar Enchanted Forest biome.

Monster Spawners[ | ]

Carabees also spawn from spawners found in Honey Dungeon.

Behaviour[ | ]

  • Carabees are hostile, meaning they always attack.
  • In Normal and Hard modes, they cause the Poison effect.

Drops[ | ]