Caramel Bucket
Caramel Bucket

Caramel Bucket
Type Unknown
Renewable No
Stackable No
Rarity Uncommon

Caramel Bucket is an item that is added by the CandyCraft mod.


You can retrieve a caramel bucket when you right-click on a Choco-dog with an iron bucket after it sits under a caramel tree for a while.


Igniting the Candy Portal

The only usage for Caramel Buckets (As of now) is igniting the Candy Portal. Similar to the Aether 2 mod, you have to spill the Caramel inside the portal to ignite it. (Note: you will not have a Caramel Bucket in hand when you first make the portal therefore, this can also be done the same with a Lava Bucket )

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