Caramel Crossbow
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Caramel Crossbow
Type Weapon/Manufactured
Durability Unknown
Damage Unknown
Renewable No
Stackable No
Rarity Rare

Caramel Crossbow is a very rare Weapon that can only be found in the CandyLands. Caramel Crossbow is one of the top Tier Weapons in the mod.


Ingredients Crafting recipe
Caramel Bow

Caramel Block

Caramel Block

Caramel Crossbow

*The Caramel Bow Must be undamaged.


Honey Glue

The Caramel Crossbow can earn a special Enchantment when enchanted.

The Honey Glue Enchantment will make all arrows and bolts shot by the Caramel Crossbow give the slowness effect on target.


  • Since one has to craft the Caramel Crossbow using a Caramel Bow, the Caramel Crossbow is considered more rare as it requires more ingredients than a Caramel Bow.
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