Chewing-gum Beetle
Chewing-gum Beetle

Type Hostile
Health Points Unknown
Spawn Spawn from naturally forming spawners and totems around them only found in the Sugar Plains biome
Attack Strength Unknown
Common Drops Chewing Gum (0-2)
Experience 5

The Chewing-gum Beetle spawns from a naturally forming spawner and totems surrounding them. Normally, the totem and spawners only spawn in the Sugar Plains. Some Chewing-gum Beetles spawn with their tiny offspring on their backs.


  • They are Hostile, meaning they will always attack.
  • When killing their offspring, their skin color changes from plum purple into burning red blush. They develop a thirst for blood and begin to attack faster, leaving behind trails of Chewing-gum Puddles on the ground to slow the player down.
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    You were warned!


  • Chewing Gum
  • Experience
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