Chewing-gum Block

Chewing-gum Block
Type Manufactured/Material
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast resistance 10
Hardness 2
Tool Marshmallow Pickaxe

Or Better

Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Rarity Uncommon

Chewing-gum Block is a type of block found in the CandyLands.


Chewing-gum Block requires a pickaxe to be obtained, in which when mined, it will drop itself. If mined without a pickaxe, it will drop nothing and be destroyed.

Block Chewing-gum Block.png Chewing-gum Block
Hardness 2
Tool Marshmallow Pickaxe
Breaking time [note 1]
Hand 10
Marshmallow 1.5
Licorice 0.5
Honeycomb 0.75
PEZ 0.4
  1. Times are from unenchanted tools in seconds.


Ingredients Crafting recipe

Chewing-gum Block


When standing on a Chewing-gum Block, the player's movement is slowed and the player sinks into the block slightly. You can't jump up from a Chewing-gum Block onto any full-sized block due to your low elevation.

Chewing-gum Block has no real usage as of the current version, except that it can be used as great decoration to houses and other builds. Other that this usage, there is no other real usage of the Chewing-gum Block.

Sugaring Ingredient

Name Ingredient Sugaring recipe
Chewing-gum Block
Chewing-gum Block
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