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Cotton Candy Spider
Cotton Candy Spider

Hostile to the player as long as the light level immediately around them is 11 or less

Health Points

24 (FullHeart × 12)

Attack Strength

Easy: 2 (FullHeart) Normal: 2 (FullHeart)
Hard: 3 (FullHeartHalf-Heart)


Light level of 7 or less, 3x3x2 space on solid blocks (spawns only on top of the central block). Top half of space may be occupied by transparent blocks (glass, etc.).

Common Drops

Cotton candyCotton Candy

Cotton Candy Spiders jump very high. Cotton Candy Spiders do give a Weakness effect instead of a Slowness effect. They will attack you as soon as you're in their sight.

2016-01-12 20.57

Cotton Candy Spider spawner in the Sugar Plains biome.

2015-08-21 20.09

Cotton Candy Spider Spawner in the Enchanted Forest.

Behaviour[ | ]

  • Cotton Candy Spiders are Neutral, they will attack at night and leave you alone in the day.
  • Cotton Candy Spiders can also be found in cotton candy webs in just about any biome. Cotton Candy Webs contain a spawner inside, and they also don't have any loot.
  • Cotton Candy Spiders are strong and have 12 hearts of health.

Drops[ | ]