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Cotton Candy Web
Cotton Candy Web
Cotton Candy Web

Non-solid Block


Partial (diffuses sky light)



Blast Resistance



Marshmallow Sword Shears




Yes (64)







Cotton Candy Web is a type of block found in the CandyLands.

Obtaining[ | ]


Usage[ | ]

Mobs can spawn inside of Cotton Candy Webs. They will not catch on fire if they are caught in a Cotton Candy Web. They also diffuse sky light.

Blocks can be placed on Cotton Candy Webs, including signs and paintings.

Redstone Circuits[ | ]

Similar to vanilla Minecraft Cobwebs, Cotton Candy Webs can be used in redstone as a delay by using a dispenser or dropper to discharge an item into a tower of Cotton Candy Webs above a pressure plate or hopper.

Effects[ | ]

All mobs that move through Cotton Candy Webs will slow down, with the exceptions of spiders and cave spiders. Mobs falling through Cotton Candy Webs will take 13 seconds to move down by 1 block. They will partially stop blast damage if a player and the TNT/creeper/etc are in the Cotton Candy Web. The slowing effect of the Cotton Candy Web will increase if it is placed on ice.

Moving into a Cotton Candy Web limits the player's movement abilities, as well. When "inside" the Cotton Candy Web, the player will move at a speed of about 15% of the normal walking speed. Additionally, jumping will vibrate the player akin to jumping in a 2-block-high space. It also slows the time of a player breaking blocks. Like water, Cotton Candy Web will prevent players falling into it from taking fall damage, meaning a fatal fall can be mitigated with Cotton Candy Webs. While traveling down through a Cotton Candy Web and attacking, it counts towards critical hits the same as jumping and attacking as the player falls.

Items thrown on a Cotton Candy Web are slowed and will fall through it after about 24 seconds. They will not merge with other items of the same type thrown on the ground.

Cotton Candy Web have different effects on moving entities. A falling block which falls or is shot into a Cotton Candy Web will slow down and then be destroyed and become a resource after about 4 seconds. The exception is Primed TNT can pass through Cotton Candy Web without slowing down if they are shot through fast enough, eventually exploding and destroying the Cotton Candy Web. A shot arrow will pass through Cotton Candy Web without being slowed down.

A minecart with no players in it takes about 9 seconds to fall through a Cotton Candy Web if a rail is placed directly under the Cotton Candy Web, but if there is air between the Cotton Candy Web and the rail, the minecart takes about 34 seconds to fall. Every extra Cotton Candy Web added will give an additional 25 seconds of falling time. Players are unaffected by Cotton Candy Webs when in a minecart except when the Cotton Candy Webs are in the way of the cart.

Sugaring Ingredient[ | ]

Name Ingredients Sugaring recipe
Sugar Cotton Candy Web
Cotton Candy Web