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Gingerbread Village
Gingerbread Village

Biome Any (Only in the CandyLands)
Consists of See Structure
Can generate



Gingerbread Villages are groups of buildings inhabited by Gingerbread Villagers that generate naturally in the CandyLands.

Generation[ | ]

Gingerbread Villages generate naturally under any biome in the CandyLands. Gingerbread Villages can only be found underground, unlike the Vanilla Minecraft Villages, that is why Gingerbread Villages are considered more rare and way harder to find than those of Vanilla Minecraft.

Structure[ | ]

Number and frequency of structures[ | ]

The number of buildings composing a village can vary, and not every Gingerbread Village is composed of all buildings at once. Structures are picked from a weighted probability list. There may be fewer buildings of a given type than the maximum allowed. Paths are found between the buildings of the Gingerbread Village.

Block Substitutions[ | ]

Icon Block Name
Marshmallow Planks Marshmallow planks
Marshmallow Log Marshmallow log
Chocolate Stone Chocolate stone
Marshmallow Log Marshmallow log
Marshmallow workbench Marshmallow workbench
Chocolate Cobblestone Chocolate Cobblestone
Candy cane fence Candy cane fence
Honey lamp Honey Lamp
Candy cane block Candy cane block
Pudding Pudding
Marshmallow Slab Marshmallow Slab
Candy Leaves Candy leaf

Tips[ | ]

  • To be able to trade properly with the Gingerbread Villager, without him running away from you, one must have a Honey emblem present in his inventory. Nevertheless, this is optional as you can right-click the Villager really quickly before he gets to start running.