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Gummy Bunny
Gummy Bunny


Health Points

4 (FullHeartFullHeart)


Solid surfaced blocks with a minimum of two block spaces above them

Common Drops

Gummy Gummy (1-3)

Gummy Bunny is a mob that is added by the CandyCraft mod.

Take a Green trampojelly... keep spawning Gummy Bunnies on the Green Trampojelly... rainbow acrobat team! [Only in Creative Mode]

Appearance[ | ]

Gummy Bunnies come in all sorts of colors, ranging from red to blue to green and a whole lot more. You can create a house full of Gummy Bunnies! Watch the little adorable creatures flood your house and jump about!

2016-01-13 12.56

Gummy Bunnies on a Red Trampojelly block.

Behaviour[ | ]

  • They are Passive, meaning they will never attack you.
  • Gummy Bunnies like to jump. The sound they make when they jump is the same sound that Slime make.
  • They get attracted to you when you hold Licorice. Feeding a Gummy Bunny Licorice will activate breeding mode.
  • They can drown in water easily, as they are less than a block tall.
  • They take no fall damage.
  • They come in 12,977,875 different colors.

Drops[ | ]