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Honey Dungeon
Honey Dungeon

Biome Any (Only in the CandyLands)
Consists of Honeycomb Block
Honeycomb Block
Monster spawner Monster_Spawner
Marshmallow Chest Marshmallow Chest
Can generate



Honey Dungeons are naturally generating structures and can only be found in the CandyLands.

Generation[ | ]

Honey Dungeons generate naturally in the CandyCraft dimension at any level. For each chunk, 8 attempts are made to spawn a Honey Dungeon; it's possible but unlikely for multiple attempts to succeed.

For each attempt, a location and size (an open area of 5×5×4, 5×7×4, or 7×7×4) is chosen. The attempt succeeds if the following conditions are met:

  • The floor area (including under the walls) of the potential dungeon must be entirely solid.
  • The ceiling area (including over the walls) of the potential dungeon must be entirely solid.
  • The walls of the potential dungeon must have 1–5 openings (2-high air blocks) at floor level.

If the location passes, air and Honeycomb Blocks are placed, then 3 attempts are made to spawn each of 2 Marshmallow Chests. To spawn a chest, the chosen block must be empty and must have a solid block on exactly one of its four sides. The Carabee spawner is placed at the center of the dungeon.

Honey Dungeons will still generate if the 'generate structures' option is toggled off.

Structure[ | ]

Loot[ | ]

Honey Dungeons contain chests with plenty of treasures like diamonds, Honeycomb Armour,tools, and saddles. However, Carabees are very protective of these treasures and will attack you on sight. You can't collect the spawner using a Vanilla Minecraft tool, therefore, making the Spawner Block unobtainable in Survival Mode.

Finding[ | ]

You have to be very lucky to run into these dungeons since there is no item or Emblem that helps you find them.