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Honey Lamp
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Type Manufactured
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance 14
Hardness 2
Tool Marshmallow pickaxe
Or Better
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Rarity Uncommon

Honey Lamp is a type of block found in the CandyLands.

Obtaining[ | ]

Honey Lamp requires a pickaxe to be obtained, in which when mined, it will drop itself. If mined without a pickaxe, it will drop nothing and be destroyed.

Block Honey Lamp Honey Lamp
Hardness 2
Tool Pickaxe
Breaking time [note 1]
Hand 10
Marshmallow 1.5
Licorice 0.5
Honeycomb 0.75
PEZ 0.4
  1. Times are from unenchanted tools in seconds.

Smelting[ | ]

Ingredients Smelting recipe


Usage[ | ]

Honey lamp are used to provide an equal lighting level to that of a normal Overworld Sea Lantern. Honey Lamps must be used instead of Overworld Sea Lanterns.

Sugaring Ingredient[ | ]

Ingredients Sugaring recipe
Honey Lamp
Honey Lamp