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Jelly King
100 px
First Appearance

Orange colour



Health Points

1 (Half-Heart)

Attack Strength

1 (Half-Heart)



Rare Drops

See Loot

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The Jelly is a mob that is found at the end of Jellykings.

Appearance[ | ]

Battle Stages[ | ]

Dormant Stage[ | ]

The Jelly King Spawns in the center of a large room, which has several low gaps in between tiles. In the first stage, or "dormant" stage, it appears in a gray-black colour and is immobile, though it does deal damage to anything that comes in contact with it. It awakens to the Secondary stage after being hit by a Sword.

Aggressive Stage[ | ]

After being awoken, the Jelly King turns into and orange-tan colour, performing several different attacks.

Royal Jelly

Dormant Stage

Death[ | ]

Once defeated, the Jelly King drops a Jelly boss key which unlocks the door to the final treasure room.

Attacks[ | ]

Giant Leap

The Jelly King jumps to the roof of the room and back, resulting in 10 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeart) damage and a lot of knockback.

Minion Call

The Jelly King spawns 1 of the 3 different Jelly mobs, aiding it in battle.

Explosive Leap

There is 1 in 4 chance that when the Jelly King lands on the floor after performing the Giant Leap attack, that a large explosion occurs, similar to the Jelly Queen.

(Note: Due to the blocks in the Jelly Dungeon being indestructible, the explosion will break no blocks on impact.)

Gummy Ball

See also: Gummy Ball

The Jelly King randomly fires a Gummy Ball projectile which deals 6 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeart) damage as well as the slowness effect when hit.

Other[ | ]

Size Decrease

Every so many hits, the Jelly King reduces in size by 1/2 a block, ending up a Tiny size Jelly when almost dead, though it must be noted that the Jelly King does not re-spawn once killed, unlike the PEZ Jelly.

Loot[ | ]

Jelly Boss Key[ | ]

When the Boss is defeated, a Jelly Boss Key will drop as a result. It is used to open the Jelly King's Locks at the far end of the room and earn access into the Boss Loot Room.