Jelly King
Jelly King

Type Boss mob
Health Points 800 (FullHeart × 400)
Spawn Jelly Dungeons
Attack Strength 8 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeart)
Common Drops See Loot
Rare Drops See Loot
First Appearance Tan Colour
Experience 10

The Jelly King is a Boss mob that is found at the end of Jelly dungeons.


The Jelly King is a giant, 7 1/2-block length 7 1/2-block height, tan-coloured slime which spawns in the final room of the Jelly dungeon. It also constantly emits Enchantment Table particles once awoken.

Battle Stages

Dormant Stage

The Jelly King Spawns in the center of a large room, which has several low gaps in between tiles. In the first stage, or "dormant" stage, it appears in a gray-black colour and is immobile, though it does deal damage to anything that comes in contact with it. It awakens to the Secondary stage after being hit by a Sword.

Aggressive Stage

After being awoken, the Jelly King turns into and orange-tan colour, performing several different attacks.


Once defeated, the Jelly King drops a Jelly boss key which unlocks the door to the final treasure room.


Giant Leap

The Jelly King jumps to the roof of the room and back, resulting in 10 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeartFullHeart) damage and a lot of knockback.

Minion Call

The Jelly King spawns 1 of the 3 different Jelly mobs, aiding it in battle.

Explosive Leap

There is 1 in 4 chance that when the Jelly King lands on the floor after performing the Giant Leap attack, that a large explosion occurs, similar to the Jelly Queen.

(Note: Due to the blocks in the Jelly Dungeon being indestructible, the explosion will break no blocks on impact.)

Gummy Ball

See also: Gummy Ball

The Jelly King randomly fires a Gummy Ball projectile which deals 6 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeart) damage as well as the slowness effect when hit.


Size Decrease

Every so many hits, the Jelly King reduces in size by 1/2 a block, ending up a Tiny size Jelly when almost dead, though it must be noted that the Jelly King does not re-spawn once killed, unlike the PEZ Jelly.


Jelly Boss Key

When the Boss is defeated, a Jelly Boss Key will drop as a result. It is used to open the Jelly King's Locks at the far end of the room and earn access into the Boss Loot Room.

Loot Chest

See also: Marshmallow chest

Inside the room, one will find a Loot Chest in the middle (Note: The Chest will not be exactly in the middle of the Room. It will be placed somewhere on the Room's middle platform). The Loot Chest contains several different items when opened, from the rarest to the most abundant!


Item/Block Rarity Stack Size
Jelly King's Wand Jelly king's wand Rare 1
Jump Wand Jump wand Rare 1
Caramel Bow Caramel bow Rare 1
Fork Fork Uncommon 1
Sugar Block Sugar block Plentiful 64
Sugar Factory Sugar factory Uncommon 64
Licorice Licorice Uncommon 64
Jelly King's Crown Jelly King's Crown Rare 1
Lollipop Seeds Lollipop Seeds Uncommon 64
Candy Cane Candy cane Uncommon 64
Cooked Cranfish Cooked cranfish Uncommon 64
Gummy Gummy Common 64
PEZ PEZ Rare 64
Sugar Crystal Sugar crystal Rare 64
Cotton Candy Cotton candy Uncommon 64


2014-10-21 15.52.02

The final boss room with the Jelly King in the center

Dormant Stage

Jelly King in Dormant Stage

Battle Stage

Jelly King in battle stage

Second Size

2nd size Jelly King

Third Size

3rd size Jelly King

Fourth Size

4th size Jelly King

Fifth Size

5th size Jelly King

Sixth Size

6th size Jelly King

Seventh Size

7th size Jelly King

Eighth Size

8th size Jelly King

Nineth Size

9th size Jelly King

Tenth Size

10th size Jelly King

Eleventh Size

11th size Jelly King

Twelfth Size

12th size Jelly King

Final Size

Final size Jelly King

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