Jump Wand
Jump Wand

Jump Wand
Type Boss Drop
Durability Infinite (requires charging after every usage)
Renewable No
Stackable No
Effect Jump High Up In the Air
Rarity Rare

Jump Wand is a type of item found in the CandyLands.


Jelly King

The Jump Wand can only be obtained by killing the Jelly King. The Jump Wand can be found inside the Jelly King's boss chest.


The Jump Wand is used similar to a bow. To use, hold down the Right mouse button (Default) while looking up to charge up the Wand. Release the Mouse button(looking up) to make effect. 


Bounce Effect

The Jump Wand will make the player bounce a very high amount into the air when used.


  • You will not gain any fall damage when using the wand.
  • The Jump Wand does not work in Creative mode
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