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Jelly Pumpkin Light levels are at their highest when the sun rises, but when the sun must go down, the CandyLands become a hostility that not a person could fathom. One must use the daylight to it's fullest until the dark comes

Light in Minecraft affects certain things, such as mob spawning and visibility. Light can be provided by Honey Torches, Portals, sunlight, fire, and various other sources.

Brightness[ | ]

There are 16 total light levels in integers, which are 0 to 15. Minecraft uses the light levels of blocks to calculate the brightness of a selected block. If the light level is 0, a block will be close to black. If the light level is 15, a white block will be close to white, and a green block will be close to green.

Blocks that emit light[ | ]

Icon Name Light Level
Honey torch Honey Torch 14
Honey lamp Honey Lamp 14
Jawbreaker light Jawbreaker Light 14

Other[ | ]

Icon Name Light Level
Sunight Sunlight 15
Moonlight Moonlight 4