Mobs are living, moving game entities. The term "mob" is short for "mobile" or able to move or be moved freely and easily.

Mob List

There are many Mobs in the CandyLands and here is the list :

Creature Type
Candy Cane Pig Passive
Nougat Golem Neutral / Passive
Cookie Creeper Aggressive
Suguard Neutral / Aggressive
Suguard Mage Aggressive
Choco-dog Neutral / Pet
Gummy Bunny Passive
Walfpaca Passive
Pingouins Passive
Carabee Aggressive
Gingerbread Villager Passive
Cotton Candy Spider Neutral
Cranfish Passive
Chewing-gum Beetle Aggressive
Blueberry Dragon Passive / Mount
Nessie Passive / Mount
Beetle king Passive / Mount
Lemon Jelly Aggressive / Dungeon
Strawberry Jelly Aggressive / Dungeon
Mint Jelly Aggressive / Dungeon
PEZ Jelly Aggressive / Sentry / Dungeon
Jelly Queen Aggressive / Mini-boss / Dungeon
Jelly King Aggressive / Boss / Dungeon
Gingerbread Men's Suguard Aggressive / Mini-boss / Dungeon
Licorice beetle Aggressive / Mini-boss / Dungeon
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