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Health Points

60 (FullHeartx30)


In the Licorice Sea biome

Common Drops


Nessie is a Licorice Sea Monster that is not aggressive if you hit it,it will not attack back. You can breed Nessie with a Raw Cranfish. You are able to ride Nessie with a saddle. To ride the Nessie, press left shift (by default) to mount. To make the Nessie go upwards, go forward (press W) while looking up. To go down deeper, go forward while looking down. Nessies have a power bar shown at the right top corner, which can be activated by pressing P. When activated, you will be given Night Vision and Water Breathing for a limited amount of time. Nessies are found in the Licorice Sea in the candy dimension. You cannot take them outside of the water, or they will die, similar to a Squid from vanilla minecraft.