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Health Points

4 (FullHeartFullHeart)


Solid surfaced blocks with a minimum of two block spaces above them in the Ice Cream Plains biome

Common Drops

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Pengins are small creatures that spawn naturally in a biome called the IceCreamPlains biome. similar to the Ice Plains Biome in the Minecraft Overworld, Pingouins also don't make any noise besides the sound of footsteps.

Pingouins are small creatures that spawn made out of three different ice cream flavors, Strawberry (Pink Pingouin), Blueberry (Purple Pingouin), and Mint (Light Green Pingouin).

Pingouins can also spawn wearing red capes.

Behavior[ | ]

  • These creatures are passive and cute, which means they will not attack you, even if you hit them.
  • When hit, they walk around as normal. They don't run away or run in circles like other mobs do. They also flap their wings and float a very short distance off the ground, similar to the behavior of normal Minecraft Chickens after being hit.
  • Also similar to a normal Minecraft chicken, they don't take fall damage because they use their wings to float safely to the ground.
  • Giving them raw Cranfish will activate breeding mode.
  • Giving them Marshmallow flowers will make them drop several blocks of ice cream that is the same flavor as the Pingouin you gave Marshmallow flowers to. (So there is no need to kill these mobs to get their sweet, delicious ice cream!) Ice Cream Pingouins also don't change aesthetically after giving up a few blocks of Ice Cream (unlike a sheep when sheared).
  • It seems that when Pingouins are given a Marshmallow flower, there isn't a wait time for getting more Ice Cream Blocks, unlike with breeding where the player will have to wait about 5 minutes before breeding a mob again.
  • When holding Marshmallow flowers or some Cranfish, they follow you around.

Drops[ | ]

  • Strawberry Pingouins drop several Strawberry Ice Cream Blocks when given a Marshmallow Flower.
  • Blueberry Pingouins drop several Blueberry Ice Cream Blocks when given a Marshmallow Flower.
  • Mint Pingouins drop several Mint Ice Cream Blocks when given a Marshmallow Flower.
  • When killed, Pingouins will not drop anything.