Suguard Mage
Suguard Mage

Type Hostile
Health Points 30 (FullHeart × 15)
Spawn Light level of 7 or less
Attack Strength Unknown
Common Drops Sugar Pill (0-1)
Experience 5

A Suguard Mage is a different version of the Suguard. It shares it's blood-thirsty nature and has as much health a regular Suguard. It holds a wand and spawns at night in the Enchanted Forest. The battles are normally very quick...if you don't die first.


Suguard Mages naturally spawn in the CandyLands in the rare Enchanted Forest biome on top of solid blocks with a light level of 7 or less.


  • When approached, several Suguards will spawn- surrounding the Suguard Mage. The Suguards are all carrying Nougat Dynamite and have the color of Nougat. These Suguards have a 1/3 less health than a normal Suguard.
    • The Suguards that spawned next to the Mage will explode when approached, be careful.
  • The Suguard Mage will attack with fire.


  • The Suguard Mage will drop a Sugar Pill which will give you varying good and bad effects.
  • The Nougat Dynamite Suguards will sometimes drop Nougat Dynamite.
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