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Suguard Mage
Suguard Mage


Health Points

30 (FullHeart × 15)

Attack Strength



Light level of 7 or less

Common Drops

Sugar Pill (0-1)

A Suguard Mage is a different version of the Suguard. It shares it's blood-thirsty nature and has as much health a regular Suguard. It holds a wand and spawns at night in the Enchanted Forest. The battles are normally very quick...if you don't die first.

Spawning[ | ]

Suguard Mages naturally spawn in the CandyLands in the rare Enchanted Forest biome on top of solid blocks with a light level of 7 or less.

Behaviour[ | ]

  • When approached, several Suguards will spawn- surrounding the Suguard Mage. The Suguards are all carrying Nougat Dynamite and have the color of Nougat. These Suguards have a 1/3 less health than a normal Suguard.
    • The Suguards that spawned next to the Mage will explode when approached, be careful.
  • The Suguard Mage will attack with fire.

Drops[ | ]

  • The Suguard Mage will drop a Sugar Pill which will give you varying good and bad effects.
  • The Nougat Dynamite Suguards will sometimes drop Nougat Dynamite.