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Type is what category an item is classified into.


Candy Cane

Mob Drop





Usage[ | ]

We use Type in InfoBoxes.

Types List[ | ]

Type Name Summary Example Usage
Mob Drop Items that are dropped by Mobs Candy Cane
Boss Drop Items that are dropped by Bosses Jelly King's Wand
Chest Loot Items that are found in chests ???
Food Items that are edible Cooked Cranfish
Ammo Items that are shot by a Ranged Weapon Candy Cane Arrow
Armour Items that are worn and give protection PEZ Armour
Ore Blocks that are found underground Licorice Ore
Material Items that are used for crafting Marshmallow Planks
Tool Items that are used to break something more efficiently PEZ Axe
Manufactured Items that are crafted Marshmallow Stick
Natural Blocks or Items that are found naturally Jelly Ore
Weapon Items that are used for combat Licorice Short Sword
Plant Blocks that are decorative and found all over the CandyCraft Dimension Mint